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Easy Project Delivery

Releasy simplifies client collaboration and approvals for non-automated tests with time constraints.

Create Projects

Every project contains one or more releases that need management, review and validation.
When a project is active, you can add releases to be tested.
Filling in the required information creates a robust display in the final testing summary PDF.
For Agile teams, a release is a Sprint: a set of features that need to be tested and approved.

Define Releases

Our service is anchored on releases as its fundamental entity. Your clients will be able to manually test each release iteratively with the goal of having the project thoroughly tested and ultimately accepted.
Test you releases internally
Or allow your clients to test them
If they approve the features then they approve the release.
Cloning old releases can allow for the creation of new versions for approval.
Each tested release, whether approved or declined, will produce a document shared between you and your client.
You can also print a branded release specification PDF, or export all as Excel.

Add features / user stories

Every release comprises one or more features that need to be tested. A feature can be a use case or user story.
Easily create features by importing stories from Jira or from an Excel file.
Based on your clients needs, you can add details on what to test and how to accept the features.
The built-in WYSIWYG editor will allow you to write user stories with images, text and formatting.
You can also attach files to your features or link to external ones.
Add a detailed step-by-step guide to help your clients through the testing process.

Test it internally or invite clients

When you finish developing your release, invite your clients to test it out.
Send a personalized message along with an explanation of what needs testing.
Releasy will send an email to your client with a confidential link to test: no previous registration is required.
At the end of every testing session, you'll get a detailed report of the results
This document can be used as proof of approval!

Test the release

From his dashboard, your Client will see all tested releases and those that needs to be tested.
Clearly see what to test and what are the acceptance criteria.
Approve or reject every feature with one click.
Upload testing screens.
If a feature is rejected, your client must say why.
If all features are approved, the release is automatically approved.

Generate a testing report

A testing report (PDF and Excel) is automatically generated after a completed release test.
The testing contains all the information needed to track the testing.
The PDF report can be personalized for your business with logos, headers and footers.
The report is saved and shared only between you and your client, once generated, it cannot be modified by anyone else.

Integrated Issue Tracker

Provide a centralized system for reporting, documenting, and tracking software issues
Handle bug type, severity, priority and status
Prioritize and resolve bugs more efficiently and demonstrate progress to clients
Developers can communicate directly with clients, ask for clarifications, and provide updates, leading to a more productive and collaborative relationship
Read more

Issue detail

Working on an issue has never been so simple!
Add comments, assign the issue, watch it and change its status
Add attachments, see the changes history
Change the issue type, its status, severity and priority
For every project, you can change all statuses labels and colors, in order to follow your workflow!
Read more

Add integrations

Connect Releasy with your tools in our Integration section.
Import features directly from Jira without rewriting them.
Set up one or more webhooks to send notifications on feature approval/rejection and release approval/rejection.
Use http webhooks to connect to Zapier or any API.
Send event notifications to Slack, Telegram and Discord.

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