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The Journey to Reach Your Target


Project Manager
April 24th 2024

When we decide to embark on a new project, we should use our imagination. We need to visualize our target, to feel it, and to understand the sensations we will experience when we reach it.


This approach can create the right motivation to move forward through the journey to reach our target.

Motivation will guide this process day by day and can be useful to keep us on track. We should try to understand what will happen if we don’t reach our targets: What sensations will we feel? What will happen? This can really reinforce our motivation and focus.

Now, we define our project and the targets. What comes next? How can we succeed?

It’s time to plan our roadmap, step by step and day by day, to reach the target. This part is often underestimated but is the most important. We should avoid rushing and being too hungry for results; instead, we should enjoy the journey. We can be satisfied with each small progress, moving at a slower speed but with higher consistency.

We often have good intentions, but often we struggle to start, or we find the task too difficult or lengthy, and we give up. If we progress step by step, it becomes less difficult, and we can find satisfaction in each small achievement.

Rushing without a proper plan and training can deplete our energy too quickly, leaving us exhausted and still far from our target. We need to balance our time, our life, and the effort we can spend to reach the target, in order to find our optimal pace.

So, we define the project, we set the targets, we create the plan, and now it's time for consistency.

We have to follow our plan day by day; we need to be present every day. If the project is important to us, we need to dedicate the necessary time to each step. We have to be present, we need to act, and we have to avoid making excuses to skip our planned activities.

Often, we might feel it's too late, we're tired, or we've had a complex day, and we may not want to do the activities. Sometimes we lack the right motivation, but we simply can't accept this approach. We have to stay focused and remember where we are going; this can give us the motivation we need to keep going. We often think that skipping just a single step is not important, that we can make up for it tomorrow. However, in reality, this is a big mistake because then we start to repeat this mistake again and again, risking compromising our project.

Finally, when you reach your target, you feel immensely satisfied; people are proud of you, and you are proud of yourself. When the journey is long and you take it in small steps, you are even more satisfied. But if you look back at the journey, wasn’t it as rich and significant as the target itself?

I would like to leave you with a simple question: Is the target itself more important, or is it the journey?

I think they are both important, and we have to appreciate each step of the way.

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