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Risk Management during software development and testing


Project Manager
March 26th 2024

How we can handle the potential risks? Risk management is a highly useful tool that can be employed during software development. Why is it important to evaluate risks? How can we prevent risks during testing?


During software development, we invariably encounter numerous risks.

However, if we neglect to analyze them, we will be ill-equipped to manage them. For this reason, it is crucial to organize brainstorming sessions with your team to evaluate risks and formulate action plans to mitigate or avoid potential issues.

Let’s consider some examples we might encounter in our projects:

  • The software architecture is highly complex, increasing the likelihood of malfunctions.
  • The product needs to integrate with other platforms or software, but complete interface data may not be available.
  • The application requires a high level of security to mitigate potential vulnerabilities.
  • Requirements may not be fully defined or may change frequently, posing additional risks.

The first step is to analyze and identify potential risks, which can be accomplished through brainstorming sessions.

Once this step is completed, we can evaluate the impact and effect of each risk. In such cases, it is beneficial to introduce metrics to categorize different topics and assign appropriate priorities.

Starting with the highest-risk areas, another team brainstorming session is necessary to develop action plans. We should assess how to mitigate or avoid these risks. Often, conducting tests is the most effective way to reduce the level of risk associated with each topic.

Software testing plays a crucial role in verifying our assumptions and validating implemented solutions. All corrective or mitigation actions must be verified, and software testing enables us to do so. Therefore, a well-structured testing plan can significantly enhance the reliability of our product, while dedicated testing monitoring tools can provide valuable insights into the testing status and the effectiveness of implemented actions.

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