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Introducing Releasy: Your Hassle-Free Test Management and Issue Tracking Powerhouse for Agile Teams


Entrepreneur and CTO
November 14th 2023

🌟 Today, we are thrilled to present to you Releasy, the game-changer in test management and issue tracking designed exclusively for agile teams. Releasy is not just a tool; it's a revolution in simplifying quality assurance and ensuring seamless collaboration between technical and non-technical stakeholders.


Why Releasy? Because Your Time Matters! ⏱️

In the fast-paced world of agile development, keeping customers happy, saving time, and making informed decisions are paramount. Releasy is your secret weapon to streamline business operations and make your life easier.

For Non-Technical Clients: Empower Your Clients, Ensure Quality Releases! 🚀

Do your clients struggle with testing releases effectively? Releasy breaks down the barriers, allowing you to clearly define test criteria and acceptance standards. Even non-technical clients can now test, validate, and accept project releases with ease. No more haphazard approvals—Releasy ensures quality releases every time.

Designed for Ease: One Click Away from Approval! 🌈

Releasy is all about simplicity. Approving or rejecting releases is just one click away. We believe in making your client's life easier during user acceptance testing. With Releasy, navigating the testing process has never been smoother.

Verified Trusted Approvals: Proof in a PDF! 📜

Say goodbye to uncertainty. Releasy generates a PDF document after each release test, serving as irrefutable proof of testing and acceptance for both parties. Trust is built on transparency, and Releasy delivers.

Follow Agile Principles Seamlessly! 🔄

Adopt agile principles effortlessly with Releasy. Continuously refine the testing process in alignment with your Sprint schedule. Keep iterating until your client's satisfaction is not just met but exceeded.

Simplicity By Design: Collaboration at Its Finest! 🤝

We understand the struggles of project testing and client approvals. That's why Releasy is designed to foster collaboration and transparency. A user-friendly, secure tool for clients ensures a dispute-free process.

Integrated Issue Tracker: Unifying Bug Tracking and Client Management! 🐜

For every rejected feature, Releasy creates a new bug. This integrated issue tracker combines bug tracking and client relationship management, streamlining issue resolution. Prioritize, resolve, and demonstrate progress efficiently to your clients.

Validate Your Startup Features: Public Release Testing for Maximum Impact! 🚀

Get ready to validate your startup features with public release testing. Gather feedback from a diverse group of testers, ensure customer satisfaction, and make data-driven decisions. Releasy empowers startups and small agencies to maximize their potential.

Battle-Tested for All! 💪

Freelancer, Product Owner, Project Manager, Startup, Small Agency, or Mid-sized Company—Releasy caters to all. Our battle-tested features scale with you at every stage of growth.

🔥 Releasy—Because Your Releases Deserve the Best!

Join us on this journey of transforming how agile teams manage tests and track issues. Releasy is not just a tool; it's a mindset shift towards efficiency, collaboration, and delivering excellence. Try Releasy today and experience the future of hassle-free test management! 🌐🚀

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